H.J. Cummins

I bring 30 years’ experience as a journalist, editor and book author to freelance projects. I am based in Reston, VA, within metropolitan
Washington, D.C.


H.J. Cummins is a precise and graceful writer who makes information a joy to read. She makes complicated issues accessible to a reader, with both big picture vision and creative execution. As a bonus, she is highly organized and always meets her deadlines.

As a writer, H.J. Cummins is an editor's dream: fast, accurate and thorough. As an editor, she is a writer's dream, keeping the big picture in mind while keeping track of the smallest detail, as well as sensitive to language, structure and rhythm. In each role, she brims with ideas and knows how to pull all the elements together for the strongest possible presentation.

H.J. Cummins has written a book that is a laser sharp study in psychology and a lyrical contribution to literature.

What makes H.J. most special is that she brings a sense of excellence to everything she does.

H.J. Cummins